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I am a developer and mainly focus on Arduino, IOT, Python and Android Projects.

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You must have seen emotional stories of winners of reality shows. I also have one...


I have been a tech geek since childhood. I always thought that how computers work? Then when I turned 13, I started to learn Programming from Ebooks which I brought from Amazon Kindle Free Membership. I was able to code in C and C++ very well. I started by Arduino. Built many devices, you can see all on my YouTube Channel. Learning to code was not difficult but the thing that used to pull me back were my friends and family. My friends never beleived that I could code but said that I copy it all. I used to feel bad. One of them was a really nice person and a good friend too but god knows why he hated me. Maybe because I was good competion to him. His father is an engineer and used to help him a lot in his projects. I lost my father so I didn't have any such mentor to guide me or help me. It was a bit difficult as my family never used to get my passion and always acted like SHAKUNI MAMA. Some people might still say that I copied this site too, well may god bless everyone with positivity and a little piece of mind too...

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